Name of logistics: ITCEX
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telephone number:86-21-6238-3377

More information:CJ Express in the express organization, China, with a well-known shipping agency, Japan's newly created in Asia, will provide a middle-of-the-day transportation efficiency for a logistics service provider. We ensure that through a wealth of product knowledge and experience, the monthly volume of air traffic of 50 to 100 tons of Japanese customers has been 30 to 50 million tons per month. In order to meet customer satisfaction and demand to expand business in China and to generate a lot of manpower, material power and financial resources to build a network of sales offices from 20 to 30 two to three years for the center of Shanghai, China we will continue to work in the Visitor Express Service The best logistics is to take full advantage of the world's largest network and IT technology. CJ international air cargo transport speed and certainty through the efficient logistics needs, its own high-quality services to ensure a stable space, to achieve a safe and reliable transport.

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