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telephone number:400-728-7156

More information:Is a leading international express service provider in China, providing one - stop electricity service for cross - border transportation. The development of a set of logistics resources can be integrated all the information systems to build a modern logistics system and operational processes and operating systems for the majority of electricity providers, electronic business platform and related customers with international door-to-door or warehouse-to-door courier And logistics and distribution services. Czech Republic, the founder of the international network is a courage for the modern metropolis to provide the most professional cross-border exports of electronic business warehousing services for promising young people. Czech Republic, the international network is set up in Shanghai, China's first cross-border export of electricity to one of the warehouse with service providers. With the continuous development of the company, more and more customers recognized and trusted the Czech Republic, the international network, the brand will be changed to a new cross-border foreign trade business logistics image, this popular brand to another peak, as the official designated speed Logistics on behalf of one. Printed with the Czech Republic, the trademark logo and eye-catching red and blue as a symbol of Czech Republic in the Czech Republic, cross-border logistics and other products within the network, which is the first classic LOGO LOGO design.

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