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More information:Jia Cheng International was established in 2000, mainly engaged in international courier, air transport, import and export declarations and other agency business, in 2008 began to expand the international air logistics line, in 2011 began to try cross-border business, and has in Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have set up overseas companies and offices. In 2015, the company has become a cross-border integrated logistics service providers, and later become a network of Alibaba's rookie, Zhejiang E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce "foreign trade" export public service platform for cross-border projects such as logistics supply Quot; In 2016 the company will invest more than 10 overseas companies such as the United States to set up, lead the market, the first to build cross-border electronic business warehouse with integrated network. Jia Cheng International has a sound cross-border logistics operations, including: the State Post Bureau issued a domestic and international express delivery license; General Administration of Customs issued a declaration of goods agent certificate, express customs agents certificate; Inspection Agency issued by the Deputy 报检Certification; domestic and international air agency certificate CATA, IATA; road transport permits. At the same time, the company independently developed the WMS cross-border logistics transport system, the international express delivery operating system, with warehousing with management systems. Jia Cheng International Express as vice president of Zhejiang Province unit, in 2015 was named the postal industry statistical work advanced units. Wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou County warehouse e-commerce Co., Ltd. was as cross-border electric business of the first batch of pilot enterprises. Jia Cheng International has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, involving business: logistics technology, cross-border service platform, foreign trade service agents, cross-border supply chain management and other fields.

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