Name of logistics: ЖелДор, Eldoret Express
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telephone number:8-800-1005-505

More information:The company "ZhelDorEkspeditsiya" group - the market delivery of goods to Russia around the world and the largest transport operators, as well as express-delivery. The company's regional network is represented in 173 cities in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, China and the Republic of the European Union. Each branch has a modern infrastructure and has good access to the traffic. "ZhelDorEkspeditsiya" owns the largest private fleet of vehicles, including 600 and 1400 railroad road vehicles, as well as a series of modernized supporting infrastructure, enabling us to provide high quality service. The company's customers are able to order more than 5,500 community RF point-of-delivery due to trunk route and regular formation of their own postal baggage to Moscow's existing network, Vladivostok.

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