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More information:Guangzhou City Jiuling International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a freight forwarding company approved by the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce established in the country, engaged in international air transport, land transport multimodal transport, warehousing, distribution and other services. Our company has cooperated with more than 20 freight forwarders all over the world, including Mangjie, Haiphong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Kwan, Qui Nhon, Phnom Penh and Sihanouk in Cambodia. Close cooperation, the domestic Dongxing, Pingxiang place also set up a proxy point. And Africa Cotonou, Lomé, Durban, Mombasa and other places 15 agents have long-term business relations of cooperation, and the Middle East Dubai, Doha, Aden and other places 8 agents have long-term business relationship, is now and A number of domestic and foreign enterprises and import and export trading company established a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. Our business network radiation around the world, the scope of business from the air cargo agents, land transport, multimodal transport, extending to the analysis of goods, packaging, warehousing and other international logistics support services, can be advanced logistics equipment, modern management systems, Perfect service network, mature mode of operation, convenient, safe, punctual and affordable to provide you with "one-stop" and "one-stop" international third-party logistics services, whether your goods from Guangzhou to South Africa Durban, Or from Shenzhen to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, you can rest assured that the goods to the Division I, we will wholeheartedly, meticulous care and arrangements, a paper in your hand, the goods go global stability, I tailor-made for your convenience , Reasonable, punctual and affordable international logistics integration program, allowing you to "stay at home, strategizing, accessible thousands of miles." The company has always been implementing the "customer first, service-oriented" business purpose, so that customer peace of mind, time-saving, money is our core business, I Secretary for you to provide "safe, efficient and economic" services, I Division of the advantages of routes are Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam and Cambodia. I have a professional Secretary waiting for your call, and enthusiasm and dedication Quartet guests.

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