Name of logistics: Guangzhou Circulation King
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telephone number:020-62139868

More information:Guangzhou Logistics Wang Logistics Co., Ltd. is to uphold the concept of modern logistics e-commerce logistics service providers, integrated international logistics service channels and quick integration capabilities for foreign trade enterprises and multinational e-commerce groups to provide professional and convenient international logistics services. With the rapid development of e-commerce, we focus on providing 0-2kg by g fee of international parcel services. 0-20kg 3-7 days of delivery time of the international green services, customs clearance capacity of the strong parcel services, low-cost high-speed international express delivery services. To ebay, amazon overseas warehouse of large goods, applicable to the international price of international express mail, international air transport, international maritime services. To engage in eBay, amazon, speed through sale, Dunhuang, Alibaba and other network platform sellers to provide integrated professional services.

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