Name of logistics: Kerry Chase
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telephone number:+852 2410 3600

More information:Kerry Logistics is Asia's leading logistics services provider, is also a number of international hundred brands unanimously selected. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our global network spans six continents, with the largest and densest distribution network and logistics hub in Greater China and the ASEAN region. The core business includes integrated logistics, international freight, express delivery and supply chain solutions, providing professional logistics services for various types of commodities, non-commodities and auxiliary sales materials. The top 100 international brands from different industries have chosen Kerry Logistics as their logistics partners, including: fashion and boutique, electronic technology, food and beverage, FMCG, industrial and materials science, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries. As an asset-based company, we provide our customers with reliable, flexible solutions to meet their growing needs in China and Asia, as well as their future growth objectives. To provide a full range of professional solutions is our service approach, go all out is our attitude: all this by the global staff and partners reflected.

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