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More information:Kerry Daiei's predecessor was Daiei Cargo Transportation Co., Ltd., which mainly provides domestic goods route transportation service. In addition to urban and plain clients, the company also provides agricultural products distribution services from coastal seafood to remote areas such as Lishan fruit. From 1954 to date, after the development of a sub-service, service teams and teams have been all over the island, and extends to Penghu, Kinmen and other outlying islands. At present, Kerry Darong has more than 4,000 employees and more than 3,000 vehicles, one of the major routes for transport service providers in Taiwan. Since the establishment of Kerry Logistics in 2008, the business scope of Kerry Darrow Logistics has grown to include the areas of LTL and logistics services such as normal temperature, low temperature storage and low temperature distribution. In recent years, Kerry Darong logistics quality and brand, also received recognition and affirmation of the majority of customer base. With Kerry's logistics network in 40 countries around the world stronghold, to build a diversified service platform, in addition to integration of the three places of the resources for the Greater China region to provide one-stop service, so superior and reliable, Highly flexible professional logistics services is Kerry Darong logistics unique advantages.

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