Name of logistics: Beijing-Guangzhou Express Hong Kong
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telephone number:852-23329918 - 30

More information:Founded in 1990, in order to pioneer in Hong Kong, opened the courier company. Over the years, Beijing-Guangzhou Express (Hong Kong) Limited at all levels under the leadership of the leadership, at home and abroad with the help of industry peers and peers to support the hard work of all staff, the Beijing-Guangzhou courier continued development. Today, Beijing-Guangzhou Express (Hong Kong) Limited express delivery range has been around the whole territory of Hong Kong, China and throughout Taiwan, and in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, first-tier cities Province, with more than one hundred fifty business locations in Guangdong Province, more than two hundred eight pick up a number of send and receive sites, Beijing-Guangzhou Express has now become the whole territory of China, air and land transport full range of courier companies , And radiation extension for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the formation of a very professional standards, professional and skilled team, which won the Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the business enterprise reputation and reputation.

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