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telephone number:4008-098-098

More information:Speed ??transit Group Co., Ltd. is a main "domestic time-limited" courier large modern integrated logistics enterprises, specialized in door-to-door courier service has many years of experience, the company in the domestic airports network and comprehensive in the domestic two Level and three-tier cities laying outlets. Since its inception, the company according to their own in the airport with a special dispatch center, combined with its own charter flights and unmatched route autonomy, the use of the advantages of unified management of the entire network, in the industry for the first time the customer launch " Full refund "commitment. Over the years since the establishment of the rapid transport, and constantly strengthen their own infrastructure, the establishment of a strong information system, after many years of painstaking efforts dedicated bend, and now has eight night all-cargo aircraft, more than 40,000 employees, transport vehicles amounted to more than 15,000 station. A strong transport network for the transit of goods, delivery services to provide strong support. In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities set up 20 branches, the network throughout the country more than 500 cities in 32 provinces, more than 3,000 business outlets.

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