Name of logistics: Cheung Long Express
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telephone number:4008-908-908

More information:?Shenzhen Xianglong Express Logistics Co., Ltd., English called "Lucky Dragon Logistics" abbreviation: LDL, the company formerly known as "Xianglong Container Transport (Hong Kong) Limited." May 8, 2006 formally incorporated in Shenzhen and Hong Kong "Shenzhen Xianglong Express Logistics Co., Ltd." and "Xianglong Express Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited", while registered capital increase of 5 million. The company after years of development and growth, concentrate on building a logistics platform for peers, to create higher profits for peers, is now developed to provide peer customers: China and Hong Kong export shipments, import and export express mail, general trade exports, Taiwan export shipments, international express mail agent for the main Business multi-functional, full-service integrated new international logistics enterprises.

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