Name of logistics: The Hao Tong
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telephone number:400 8888 887

More information:Was established in November 18, 1999, the company since its inception has been Bingzhuo "Lianhao, Lianhao Tong, with your career more successful" win-win-win concept (companies, customers, employees The company with excellent service standards, express delivery speed and reliable after-sales service guarantee renowned counterparts, has won the "express delivery industry standards enterprises", "the postal sector statistics advanced units (the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Industry), the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications "," China's most competitive domestic express delivery company 20 "," Guangdong Province, vice president of the Express Industry Association unit "," Shenzhen Universiade in Guangdong Province postal services and postal security work advanced collective "honorary title, strong protection The enterprise, employee benefits effective and sustainable development. The company has more than 5,000 employees, 5 processing centers, operating vehicles more than 1,000 vehicles, covering Hong Kong, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, with a wealth of experience in logistics courier management team, with a strong logistics courier operating capacity.

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