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More information:Rosen has international experience in international express delivery based on hydrogen and brand awareness, domestic courier infrastructure international business now Rosenagora international courier service, know-how and established overseas branches and functional experts of partners in private and corporate customers Everything in 240 countries around the world is based on whether it is faster, safer, and offers excellent service that can be sent cheap. Rosen has pushed international famous companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS easily to focus on domestic enterprises in the field of bold magazine questioned the spot to do a premium service covering both domestic and international it provides. The diversified services, professionalism and expertise of the newly established overseas affiliates retained and networked infrastructure, expanded and tailored to individual customers and corporate customers through independent legal entities and more systematic, specialized international services Service charges armed. Especially in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, to provide the next day delivery services, such as domestic courier services, to provide differentiated services, more affordable delivery and reduce all the clutter to customer satisfaction I think Is very important. Advantages of Rosen International Express Area are the latest information on the world (price and delivery time) and the location of the goods in private and corporate customers in the use of state-of-the-art tracking system at any time perfect place to expect customers Can be checked in real time, as well as international logistics costs through a variety of consulting and logistics consulting to minimize and differentiation to provide services that can maximize the effectiveness of senior service providers.

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