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telephone number:0536-6219676

More information:?Zhucheng US-Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., specializing in international and domestic air transport, international express delivery business. DHL Express Zhucheng agent, more than 300 square meters of office space, the size of more than 10 express vehicles to the pioneering and innovative business philosophy to provide our clients with first-class quality service. Sinotrans - DHL International Air Express Co., Ltd. located in Zhucheng the only formal agency responsible for the Zhucheng DHL express delivery of import and export express mail embrace the work. With more than 300,000 employees and the largest international network in the world, DHL Global 500 has the advantage of helping you master its global supply chain and linking you to any destination anywhere in the world. The least investment and the greatest return for you to quickly open up new markets.

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