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More information:Guangdong to reach Express Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1999, August 2002 set up to reach the courier network, in May 2009 to South China, East China, North China to reach the three courier network, set up to reach the courier Courier National Network, has now become a set of domestic air cargo, railways, road transport, e-commerce distribution, courier and logistics-related business as one of the network, the national courier companies. Company is divided into Guangzhou, Humen two distribution centers, administered more than 180 subsidiaries in Guangdong Province, the company has more than 50 network trunk transport vehicles, green co-transport vehicles more than 500 vehicles, covering the entire Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. It is equipped with 75m and 30m loading and unloading conveyor belts and sorting lines. The distribution center is equipped with advanced electronic monitoring and alarming system. It is located in the center of Dongguan , The main transport vehicle loaded with GPS satellite positioning system to ensure the storage and transport of goods in transit. The company headquarters and subsidiaries and around the transfer station, to share E3 + Express management system; constitute the network to receive, send pieces into, out of warehouse scanning, query processing problems, freight settlement, payment and return receipts and other information tracking and management Platform, to ensure the safety of the goods, fast, accurate.

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