Name of logistics: Taiwan 's Northern Alliance
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telephone number:(02)8985-7700

More information:With the growth of the business and the market demand of our customers, we have extended our business to all regions of Taiwan and Hong Kong and mainland China to provide more diversified and comprehensive services for our customers. . North has a strong joint logistics services team and become DHL and UPS long-term cooperation partners. Over the years the logistics industry experience to provide you with the overall and efficient full-service to ensure first-class service quality. With a professional delivery service, you can quickly and efficiently deliver your shipment to your destination. When the cargo is delivered or the goods are delivered, you will be informed by the automatic notification system of the latest status. So you can at any time point at any time to obtain shipment information. During the working hours, we also arrange full-time customer service staff to do the fastest and most complete logistics arrangements for your shipments and also provide the information, your satisfaction is the driving force of our service, you are welcome to call the professional customer service, We provide you with the most cordial and professional service.

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