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More information:Jiajiatong International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern professional logistics enterprise group which is registered and authorized by the Canadian federal government to engage in global supply chain services. With more than 20 years from 1988 to 2014 foreign trade, logistics professional experience, Shou credibility, heavy services, is committed to solving transnational e-commerce platform and channel logistics solutions to domestic and international customers with cross-border transport, storage orders at home and abroad, Type of quality service. Group is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, under the two foreign trade logistics company in China, North America, six logistics warehousing transit point. Companies with high information, standardization, unified service North American logistics market, a high degree of information, create different business philosophy, and invested heavily in building distribution center and terminal network system, with a variety of models and a dedicated, professional management, implementation Team, the Chinese play in the international and domestic resources advantages. Is our own Chinese international logistics company.

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