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More information:The Danish postal service has been transformed into a company since 1995. Its top decision-making body is a "council" of nine directors, six of whom are appointed by the Ministry of Transport of the Government of Denmark and three by the trade unions Employee Representative. The board then appointed the general manager and four deputy general managers in charge of personnel, finance, marketing and postal services. There are currently 82 postal zones, eight mail processing centers, nine profit centers and three cost centers. The restructured Danish Post, which no longer operates the treasury and transfer business, maintains exchange and agency services. In February 1996, Danish Post and BG Bank signed a 13-year agreement, agreed BG Bank in 2000, the country's 75 post offices in the establishment of business counters, and equipped with automatic counter machine. So the postal company in the new revised postal law norms, can still provide the public with financial services. Danish Post to provide venues to the banks to collect rent, is a double benefit. Business Overview Danish Post has not adjusted its postage at the time of the restructuring. In fact, since 1992, ordinary postage in Denmark has not increased. Due to good internal management, the turnover of almost all types of mail has increased. 1996 to the four seasons letter business quality evaluation scores and quality evaluation scores in recent years, in terms of percentage terms, an increase of about 10% of the package the most beautiful. At the time of corporatization, the most important change in mail processing in Denmark was the D-96, Distribution delivery system (implemented in August 1996). After two years of empirical study, the Danish mail discarded the original rigid management model , Change the mining area of ??responsibility management, achieve performance, create earnings and improve service quality objectives. By mail, for example, by the internationally renowned Price Waterhouse company's evaluation, in 1996, all e-mail within the stipulated time to vote up to 94.2% rate, compared with 93.4% last year. There is a significant increase. In view of the fierce competition in the mail business, Dan Mail and a cross-border postal group GD Express World Wide joint venture company SkypakTM, responsible for delivery of international express mail, these messages to aircraft to carry. 1996 was also a high-profile building year for Danish postal service, and a fully-equipped parcel processing center was built at Vestegnens in Brondby. In addition, the introduction of new video button sorting equipment, installed in the national postal mail center, to save manpower and reduce the time to deal with mail a lot of benefit. Simplifying employment is a major focus of Danish post and corporatization. In 1995 and 1996, Dan postal rates were as high as 71.8% and 71.6%, Dan postal set goals in 2000, the employment rate will be controlled below 65%. Financial surplus In 1996, the total income was 93.64 billion crowns, an increase of 426 million kroner from the previous year's 89.38 billion kroner. However, due to the need to expand investment in automated mail processing facilities after restructuring, the pre-tax surplus was 565 million kronor In 1995, it was reduced by 35 million crowns. Although its average acquisition capacity is slightly lower than the company's target, it is still well-received. As for its "loan-to-loan ratio", the Danish corporate competency rating agency was rated as 43%, better than the previous year 42% increased by 1%, was classified as excellent operating conditions. Since the Danish Postal System was initially funded by the Ministry of Transport of the Government, the Danish Postal Service, after the end of 1995, is required to make a contribution from the annual turnover in accordance with the provisions of the 1995 Danish Post Case Note 3 per cent, or at least one third of the amount from pre-tax surpluses, to the Danish Government. After 1996, the proportion to be raised from the annual turnover will be increased to 6%. If the amount is deducted from the pre-tax surplus, the proportion will not change. In the past few years, Dan Post chose to pay the government's funds from the pre-tax surplus. Liberalization of postal services and mergers of other companies On 31 January 1995, the Danish Parliament adopted the Danish Postal Companies Act and the Postal Services Act, which focused on the Danish postal standards and positioning, which focused on all postal operators The definition of management. According to this law, the postal company in addition to the right to issue stamps and retain a number of letters (such as less than 350 grams of mail and 5 times the basic postage within the letter) franchise, and the general postal company occupies an equal competitive position, which is The EU and other countries in the world, especially in Western Europe and the Nordic countries as the main body of the EU's common policy. In addition, according to the EU countries signed the "Remus Agreement", the Member States should be 2001 to improve the quality of mail to the same level. And the EU countries to increase the assessed contribution of international mail delivery to the delivery country, 80% of domestic postage, and Dan Post is proud to have reached in 1996 to achieve this goal. Danish Post also extends its business scope to the field of agent packaging transshipment, which is operated through its re-invested companies. SDPS has purchased the Mailhouse BV building equipment chain's "post stop" operation in Brussels, Belgium, and plans to extend the Singapore Post's franchise in 2007, with a 15-year franchise granted by the government, Also set up e-mail center, a move quite international view.

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