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telephone number:020-86373458

More information:Guangzhou Bo Yang Transport Agency Limited (PCEX Bo Yang Express) by the Guangzhou Trade and Industry Department was incorporated in 2006, is a full-time in the international courier, air and maritime professional international freight forwarding company, the main business: China Post EMS UPS Express; TNT Express; FEDEX Express; the Middle East and other express green door-to-door business, over the years has been serving the various types of peer customers, and with the airline companies in Hong Kong, , Shipping companies have maintained close relations of cooperation! Is the predecessor of the United States and Hong Kong Air Transport Group members, "Bo Yang air, the global express", in Hong Kong for nearly three decades of history, in January 2006 formally established in Guangzhou Bo Yang, the company Now has a professional, high-quality cargo team, operational norms, scientific and efficient. "Your satisfaction, our pursuit of" service objectives; integration of the market advantages of resources, "the company is committed to providing quality services to our customers," the purpose of the service, "the integrity of our business, To provide our clients with the most preferential prices, the best quality service.

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