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telephone number:+886 6 2959099

More information:?Yuanda International was founded in 1981, to operate international travel, air transport, maritime transport, land transport, express delivery, import and export declarations, mainly foreign logistics business. International courier import and export business is currently agents TNT, Japan Sagawa Express (SAGAWA), EMS, and Southeast Asia are PML own local area network, Indonesia Express Line, Vietnam Express Line, Cambodia Express Line, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan Courier lines and other global households to households, door to door service network. Yuanda International Travel currently specializes in charter business, WHOLESALE business, the domestic and foreign fine tourism, the special route of tourism product packaging, as well as the group, the domestic and foreign countries and so on in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, mainland China, Indochina, Europe, Business ticketing, visa and other professional services. Yuanda International (PML) was founded in 1981, Tainan Corporation, has more than 30 years of land, sea and air transport, import and export declarations, global express and domestic and international tourism and other professional services experience.

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