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More information:Austria Post has 1807 branches all over the country, of which 756 from the gas station or telecommunications store operators to "postal cooperatives" in the form of postal services. Starting in 2010, the Austrian Postal Service has transformed the traditional post office into a "postal cooperative". In the first six months of 2010, the company has managed to reduce spending by 19.1 million, and Austrian Post's ongoing reforms are in line with international trends. By 2011, Austria postal delivery business volume of 1 billion, delivery service quality is also a new high, of which 96% of the letters can be delivered to the recipient on time within a day. The 96 per cent delivery rate indicated that nearly 960 million letters could be delivered the next day, again surpassing the Austrian statutory target of 95 per cent. In recent years, Austrian postal companies continue to optimize the logistics system, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between various departments, which is the company to improve the delivery service level of the key. The company will continue to maintain a high level of delivery services, to ensure that every day the letter delivered to each household on time. In November 2012, Austria's postal and financial partner Bawag PSK opened its 400th joint office in Austria to further deepen the cooperation. The goal of the partnership is to establish a national network of 500 outlets in Austria, providing a full range of postal and financial services. As early as October 2010, Austria Post and Bawag PSK Bank announced the cooperation goal, the two sides plan to cooperate in 2012 to complete the construction of the new network covering the whole of Austria. As part of the new network, all of Bawag's outlets will be upgraded to modern, fully-equipped banking outlets. The original PSK banking network, which provides only basic financial services, has been upgraded and expanded to provide a full range of Bawag banking services. At the same time, the business scope of the post office has been further expanded to provide Bawag PSK service portfolio. The new outlets have undergone modernization and structural re-structuring, with state-of-the-art technology and service for all stakeholders, either through post offices complemented by existing banking outlets or through other means of reorganization. In the new network, the financial business and the postal service area are separated by red and blue, respectively. In the yellow postal area, customers can handle postal and financial services at the counter, such as mailing, parcels, merchandise and money transfers. The Financial Services area provides financial advisory services to clients. Another advantage of the new network is the creation of a large self-service area at the entrance to the network, with billing printers, scanners and ATMs that provide round-the-clock, simple processing for everyday business. In addition, the new network is also equipped with a post office box for customers to deliver letters. Customers can enjoy a full range of one-stop service. Contact Information Tel: 0810 010 100.

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