Name of logistics: Hungarian Post
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telephone number:(36)/06 40 46 46 46

More information:Magyar Posta is one of the largest business groups and employers in Hungary. It has more than 30,000 employees, 2,700 post offices, 350 mobile post offices and a unique logistics network. On January 1, 2013, Hungary also joined the EU, so all the Hungarian Post's business is now in a fierce market competition. Under the agreement with the Hungarian State, Magyar Posta must ensure that every citizen has access to basic postal services without discrimination, and continues until 2020. Hungary Post has 3,000 vehicles equipped with GPS, to ensure that the best service and intelligent package tracking system. Hungary is a European landlocked country, located in the Danube alluvial plain, Yishanbangshui, the western Alps, the northeast is the Carpathian Mountains. The famous Danube, from southern Slovakia into Hungary, just to Hungary into a part of the East and West. Hungary is poor in resources, but beautiful mountains and rivers, magnificent buildings. Throughout the year by the Mediterranean-style climate and the impact of the Atlantic warm, cool in winter and cool in summer. Hungary is a developed capitalist country, a higher standard of living per capita, since the drastic changes in Eastern Europe, Hungary's rapid economic development. After joining the EU and NATO, by 2012, Hungary's per capita GDP at international exchange rate has reached 12,700 US dollars, has reached the level of moderately developed countries. In terms of purchasing power parity, Hungary's per capita GDP has reached $ 20,000. Hungarian dance music by the people around the world love.

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