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More information:Shanghai Post is a high-value-added, high-level and knowledge-based service which is developed by Shanghai Post in order to adapt to the market development, utilize the wide coverage of postal services and the large number of users, and rely on modern new technology, new format and new service mode. Type of life services and facilitation services to e-commerce sites. "Shanghai Post" The overall site construction has always been around the convenience, Huimin aim to start the activities of the public homes can enjoy postal services (such as collection, newspaper subscriptions, insurance, financial services, online post office, etc. ). In addition, the site has a green postal, fashion capital and other local and postal characteristics of goods and business, with the "new, extraordinary, special, set" elements of goods to meet the individual needs of the public but also provide credibility And quality assurance. At the same time, "Shanghai Post" as the postal e-commerce in 2012 focused on the development of business around the unique culture of Shanghai microcosm, supplemented by the green heritage of the postal history elements, the new Shanghai, the new post image of the show will be most vividly, The general public to bring a fresh visual new experience. At the same time, the birth of the platform will become the other provinces and cities visitors access to information, understanding the image of Shanghai, one of the key window, can promote the development of cultural tourism industry in Shanghai.

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