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telephone number:(63) 3302022

More information:Fiji International Express is a joint international courier and Fijian postal joint development of international packet channels, full name Fiji international air bag, referred to as the Fiji packet, refers to the Fiji postal sent to the hands of foreign customers in the international packet. International courier market, the Fiji packet, Hong Kong packet, Singapore packet with their own characteristics, is the continent's network of vendors to choose the way, so the habit of international packet refers to the Fiji packet, Hong Kong packet or Singapore packet. In fact, Fiji packet is only a small bag in the international channels. Fiji packet with other packet channels, also has its own weight limit, the general weight should be limited to within 2KG, the volume limit is divided into two types, one is more than 500 grams: the volume does not exceed 400mm × 305mm × 30mm; 500 grams of the following: the volume does not exceed 383mm × 305 mm × 30mm. More suitable for network operators to sell the seller of electronic products, accessories, jewelry, clothing, handicrafts and other small objects of moderate value. Fiji packet provides two services, namely the Fiji packet surface mail and Fiji packet registered! Fiji Post does not provide tracking and inquiry services, registered service rates are slightly higher, can provide online tracking service, network vendors can according to their needs free choice of Fiji packet service types.

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