Name of logistics: Pui Po Po
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telephone number:4008-206-207

More information:December 18, 2013, the world's leading online payment platform PayPal announced a memorandum of cooperation with Beijing Post to work together to launch an international logistics solutions - "Pui Po Po." "Pui Po Po," relying on the Beijing Capital International Airport as the country 's largest aviation hub of the powerful capacity, and Beijing Post direct mail delivery network worldwide and mature and efficient import and export system, will open up the PayPal quality merchant foreign trade business process " (Shipping documents) "and" postal information tracking (query tracking) "and other two key links. For PayPal screening of high-quality merchant, Beijing Post will be based on its characteristics to provide customized boutique overseas postal packet service. All overseas packages are in compliance with the PayPal Seller Protection Policy for tracking the requirements of the waybill, and all "Pui Po Po" postal packet commitment "to receive the same day, the day of closure, the day of delivery." "Pui Po Po," the introduction of PayPal quality merchants to bring efficient and convenient, able to track the international logistics solutions.

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