Name of logistics: New Zealand
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telephone number:09-8388681/ 09-8388690

More information:New Zealand is a convenient way to serve the New Zealand Chinese market, close to the Chinese life of fast and convenient international transport experts. Since its founding in 2010, the company has set up branches in New Zealand's major cities: Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington and Palmerston North. At the same time, we have an independent customs clearance service team in Shanghai. After many years of development, Of the freight experience, advanced management concepts and a number of professional and technical personnel, to bring every customer in a faster, more convenient and more cost-effective international express delivery services. We provide one-stop service from delivery, warehousing, packing, transportation, customs clearance and so on. The company takes pride in pioneering spirit, advanced consciousness, excellent management, and strong performance in New Zealand Chinese express transportation industry.

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