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More information:Porsche is an authoritative global express delivery service provider with comprehensive solutions to match your logistics and air needs. We have decades of experience in the logistics industry and a wide range of global transportation network two major advantages, and to provide you with the services are tailored to the fastest delivery speed to solve the most difficult customer needs. We are backed by our network of Cathay Pacific and Dragonair to securely deliver your cargo to your destination through designated partners around the world. From the global emergency express mail and specialized air transport solutions to the classic ordinary courier service, the service provided by Porsche is diversified. Our top-of-the-line service is Platinum (strong timeliness and emergency dispatch solutions), which are specially designed for emergency goods of any size, such as important documents, commercial samples and valuable electronic parts. Our staff is on call to accompany your cargo boarding, the fastest mode of transport to reach your destination, and instant confirmation of the arrival of the goods.

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