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telephone number:021-62691696

More information:??Shanghai Yun-teng International Transport of Goods Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive cargo transport agents Limited. Since its inception, the company has been committed to becoming an all-round, multi-level and high-quality logistics service enterprise with the functions of freight forwarding, exhibition and transportation. Hope that the domestic customers in the establishment of a good image and credibility. Is a company mainly to air transport, set Qiyun, rail, international and domestic express in an integrated cargo transport agents Limited. In the rapid development of the transport industry today, in a highly competitive business environment, we have the spirit of "professional services, needs first, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence" concept, the constant pursuit of new development, and strive to perfect. We firmly believe that the dedication of the company's employees is the greatest wealth. "Customer interest first, followed by corporate interests, the interests of the last employees," the company initiated the belief. Companies with a high degree of corporate integrity, customer satisfaction and staff incentive mechanism for the cornerstone of all customers is committed to providing comprehensive logistics services products, through better "to customer satisfaction as the center" of high quality and efficient services, For customers, partners and employees to bring greater benefits.

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