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More information:SCS Express International Limited was found in 1992 in Hong Kong, specializing in "portable services" to Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East countries. Our international staff has more than 25 years of experience in door-to-door delivery of international hand-held services. At SCS, we make our business aware of your business. We know that each sample may mean millions of dollars worth. On board courier companies carry every piece of goods left Hong Kong. All cargo loaded in the airline's container is considered as our personal baggage. We can make your samples arrive at the destination more secure and timely proof of delivery. We know that in many customs administrations in the world, goods must go through complex customs clearance procedures, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. With SCS's suitcase service, shipping only requires the simplest documentation. We take care of everything, including customs clearance, customs duties and regulations. Our motto is to understand you and your business. Think of us as your own personal express department. Contact us to discuss your individual needs. We can provide expert advice and help.

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