Name of logistics: SDA
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telephone number:199 100 160

More information:Using the online service, and in the absence of access or operation of the service you need: Verify the correct entry for the user name and password. The user name must be entered as name.surname plus any extensions required for registration (mario.rossi-1234). The password must be either uppercase or lowercase in the sequence when registered or at the last change to enter. Verify that the browser allows connections using the SSL protocol and accepts session cookies; doing regular cleanup of temporary files and cookies; checking the date / time and the properties of the computer's zone. If the problem persists, you can contact the call center (Monday to Saturday 8:00 to 20:00) by selecting the toll-free number "3" for Internet service 803 160 *. Or you can send a message from the page with your name, a phone number to keep in touch with the outside world, and a preferred time slot. At the time of telephone contact, it is helpful that the computer is connected to the Internet and has an activation code (received by telegram) or a customer service number (issued at check-in). From landline (*) toll-free; mobile Internet phone is free of charge only on postal mobile phone information. For other information, from mobile phones to call calls 199 100 160 Cost depends on the operator used

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