Name of logistics: Shanghai Fengxiang
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telephone number:0532-85787871

More information:Qingdao Fengxiang International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a logistics enterprise mainly engaged in international air transport, international shipping, global express and global import and export business. Founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 6 million, headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Its five subsidiaries, more than 100 elite and a variety of transport vehicles, a comprehensive coverage of China's east and south China, Qingdao based on the formation of the development of the global professional logistics network. The company's main business includes the global international air transport, international express services, import and export business, international customer integrated logistics projects, logistics design, logistics and design, transportation and customs, and many other professional services, to provide access to more than 200 countries and regions Port to port services. Over the years the company's business has developed rapidly, the annual turnover has reached more than 50 million to a solid transport network, operating strength and professional logistics elite team as the basis, integrated logistics, Bocaizhongchang, complementary advantages, and constantly improve the internal management, Network, combined with modern logistics market trends, continuing to provide customers with the highest quality and convenient set of courier, air transport, import and maritime transport as one of the all-round logistics services, 竭力 meet customer demand for different logistics, and gradually build their own into a Dense network, strict management, service well-known brands of logistics enterprises.

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