Name of logistics: Shenzhen three-state
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telephone number:400-881-8106

More information:Shenzhen Qianhai 3-state modern logistics Co., Ltd. is the first batch of new three board cross-border e-commerce integrated service providers. Group is headquartered in the forefront of science and technology innovation in Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park. With the leading data management philosophy of large data to achieve efficient cross-border logistics operations for more than 60,000 cross-border business customers to provide domestic warehousing and third-party cross-border logistics one-stop solution, Amazon, Payoneer, WorldFirst, Linio's strategic partner. The company and its subsidiaries, the branch based in Shenzhen, covering the current national e-commerce the most active in South China East China region, dealing with tens of thousands of international parcels, with a number of internationally renowned courier companies in close cooperation, the Chinese products quickly and efficiently Global consumers.

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