Name of logistics: Guangzhou Saint Jie
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telephone number:13560244002

More information:Shengjie is a well - known international freight forwarding company, specializing in the mainland to Taiwan 's cargo express transit services, the company set up in 2010 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, the company has a full sense of responsibility and passion for the team, Advocating a willingness to help others, sincere cooperation and sincere service, to promote a win-win situation, to ensure the fastest time, the best services to maximize customer satisfaction for the continuous development of China's logistics industry to contribute their strength. The company's business scope is mainly committed to Taiwan and other international freight forwarding courier business development, and in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan and other places have their own modern management of warehouses and advanced modern intelligent express delivery management system for the majority of Taiwan and international buyers and The mainland sellers to provide a safe and efficient transit of goods transport services. The company in Taiwan and Taiwan's Black Cataracts, super-business (family, OK, Lyle Fu), 7-11 and James (large delivery), and so have a stable long-term relations of cooperation. And 7-11 with own channels, can do three days of arrival, for the current domestic Taiwan green business the fastest channel. At the same time have a professional logistics services and transportation services network, for different time and cost requirements of customers can provide a competitive price, while providing cargo and shipment tracking and tracking, real-time tracking of goods flow to grasp the status of each link information, Thus ensuring the transparency of the transport of goods to customers.

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