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telephone number:021-62696200

More information:Shanghai Jie Li Transportation Co., Ltd. is approved by the China State Post Bureau of the international express delivery business, the main international import and export express door-to-door service and air transport agency services. The company has been set up in Shanghai Direct Lanhuo outlets, the courier is responsible for the delivery of goods and orders. Companies in 2013 in Hong Kong, Taiwan set up branch offices, and has been in Hangzhou, Wenling, Yiwu, and other places to prepare for the establishment of branch offices. Companies focus on the establishment of the Shanghai International Shipping Center as the center, internal radiation throughout the Yangtze River Delta's domestic network, external radiation throughout Asia's international network. With the mission of "To do the Chinese people's own international express logistics line in Asia", with the strict operation system and perfect service, we are dedicated to provide the customers with safe, Fast, professional precision express logistics services. We specialize in customs clearance, warehousing, order processing and regional delivery of B2B, B2C express parcels, merchandise and bulk cargoes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. China Post has approved the international express franchise license. Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport two ports customs approved express mail operator declaration Qualifications The company management team has more than 10 years in the logistics industry, airlines and port clearance experience. The largest independent provider of import and export leasing solutions for the largest port in Shanghai. We are the largest airline express buyer in China, such as China Cargo, Air China Cargo, Evergreen and other airlines in Shanghai, and have a high credit rating.

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