Name of logistics: SKYCOM
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telephone number:600532224

More information:Skycom: A fast delivery of name, impeccable service and uncompromising commitment. In 1993, Skycom was founded. The express industry in the region is again different. Innovation became a popular word, the new service to become the order of the day, the whole direction to customer-centric. Now PROUDLY CELEBRATING ... Outstanding service in UAE for 20 years. At Skycom, we carved a niche for ourselves. Our network all over the country, into neighboring countries, we go beyond the traditional courier services, to provide professional solutions. Today, we cover land, express and logistics. We have unparalleled knowledge of the local market. We are members of global associations such as NAFL, IATA, FIATA and SCLG. We regularly track customer feedback, study their needs, and propose solutions to meet them. We evaluate our products with g as the benchmark

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