Name of logistics: Tianyi
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telephone number:+852 820 91 820

More information:Tianyi Network was established in 1999 by Dicky Suen and Rex Lau. With the support of its excellent staff, the business has expanded over the past few years. Today, the company is a large group, with more than 200 employees, specializing in China and Hong Kong between the express land transport. The company has also successfully established its existing customer and business network to further develop other related services and products, including maritime, air and logistics warehousing, exhibition, household and commercial demolition services. Sky One is committed to providing one-stop integrated logistics services to global business customers. Human resources, information technology, focus on niche, professional logistics service development is Tianyi's three key success factors. We have staff development programs and provide professional training and courses to improve our logistics, sales and customer service skills to meet changing market needs. Cargo management, barcode scanning, online tracking and tracking systems are already available in major offices and distribution centers, and we are implementing at other stations in China. Handling goods in China has always been our strong area: in China and Hong Kong has its own customs clearance, special transport fleet and delivery center, we have the ability to handle all kinds of imported goods, from raw materials, industrial parts and spare parts to sophisticated Equipment and e-commerce products. In the next few years, Sky One is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and to provide customers with competitive, efficient value-added services to ensure customer satisfaction.

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