Name of logistics: Guangzhou Simai
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telephone number:4008 778 168

More information:Simai Express is focused on e-commerce customers to provide national collection and domestic delivery of small packages parcel delivery business, focusing on the end to meet the individual needs of the distribution company Simai independent research and development of distribution systems, with customers to achieve docking system to provide bulk guide Single batch inquiry and feedback, cargo information tracking, mass messaging, customer returns a single operation in the end (no need to replace the surface, the direct operation of goods reverse reverse) seamless information docking professional services. Simai courier at the same time with a number of third-party payment platform for docking companies can achieve accurate and quick money collection and settlement of funds, the fastest T + 1 immediate return. Si Mai courier dedicated to e-commerce customers to provide business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow, flow of documents five-in-one professional and efficient logistics and distribution services.

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