Name of logistics: European speed pass
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telephone number: +86 10 67762567

More information:(Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a focus on cross-border electronic business logistics solutions for service providers, by the well-known e-commerce logistics service platform businessmen P2P Mailing Limited and the European truck trunk network transportation and electricity providers logistics service providers SprintPack Belgium in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, a total of nearly 100,000 square meters; own and cooperation in the transport of trunk lines More than 800 trucks; P2P Mailing Limited, from 2009 to start a cross-border electronic business package delivery service, set up at the beginning to break through barriers to cross-border parcel delivery for cross-border business providers throughout Europe and the world B2C bulk Goods and postal and courier solutions. With the continued steady growth of business, P2P constantly integrated the fragmentation of the European domestic delivery service providers, will be scattered to form a unified delivery network delivery, the development of parcel delivery solutions Trakpak has repeatedly won the European authority of the logistics industry awards

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