Name of logistics: Swiss Post
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telephone number:0848 888 888

More information:Swiss Post is known as one of the best postal services in the world. It has 3,600 service outlets throughout the country and employs nearly 40,000 people. It handles 10 million letters a day, 600,000 packages, and 1.9 million financial accounts . Post and telecommunications in Switzerland have been together for many years, but, unlike the lucrative telecom market, postal services are more of a public service. Before 1997, the staff and workers of Posts and Telecommunications in Switzerland belong to the national civil service establishment, the post and telecommunications bureau belongs to the state administrative organ. However, in 1998, in order to meet the European telecommunications market opening to bring the fierce competition, the Swiss government decided to postal "separation" for the state-owned Swiss telecommunications company to reduce the burden. At the same time, the European postal market is also increasingly open, the postal industry, some high-profit sector is also facing competition from the private sector, which lost the telecom sector profit subsidy post worse, more severe test. However, the Swiss government does not simply put the "postal baggage" back up, but put it on the market.

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