Name of logistics: Shenzhen Aerospace
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telephone number:+86(755)33859461

More information:Shenzhen City Aerospace International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in highway LTL cargo transport, road transport vehicle cargo, cargo express, integrated logistics, agricultural logistics, logistics park, at the same time to provide collection of money, generation of signed back, insured transport value-added business. Jiayi Logistics is currently in the northeast, north, east, south, northwest, southwest of a total of 18 provincial-level regional set up a number of service outlets; and as the basis, radiation throughout the country, the real cargo China; Jiayi Logistics in Shandong Province, the first successful implementation of a small batch, multi-frequency order in the Qilu of the blind spot on the land distribution services for e-commerce transaction model provides a logistics and distribution guarantee.

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