Name of logistics: Suzhou can pass
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telephone number:400-880-3918

More information:Is a registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Inland Revenue Department registered by the Transport and Management Committee approved the establishment of the road transport is mainly air, sea and rail transport, cross-regional, network, information technology, And has a supply chain management capabilities integrated logistics enterprises. Founded in 1999, as of today, through logistics in the country has been built in South China, North China, east and southwest as the center of the five regional logistics base. Business radiation national first-line, and developed the second and third tier cities, providing customers with the most convenient road transport, the most economical and safest logistics services. Because of the network coverage throughout the country, the company's increasingly far-reaching, has now gradually become the South China, East China and even the country's strength is quite strong, the company has become one of the world's most advanced, Logistics enterprises.

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