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More information:In October 1999, Uni-President entered into a technical cooperation contract with Yamada Transport Co., Ltd., Japan, to formally introduce Tsuruya Tsutomu service to Taiwan. October 6, 2000, Black Catwalks in Taiwan will be officially operational in Taiwan. Black Catamaran services will be the beginning of the scope of services to the north of Taoyuan only the first day of operation only 54 parcels; and in 2005, the black catched delivery will have more than 50 million parcels, Penghu, small Ryukyu, , Can also be easy to send a black cat home delivery, people and the visible distance is no longer a problem, through the black catwalk, to provide consumers with convenient life, become a bridge between people and communication. While the black catwalk will be cordial and courteous SD, has become a black cats will be the emergency signs, neat draw a uniform, cordial and courteous service attitude, led the transport sector "service" awareness of the rise; 365 days a year round Service, regardless of the typhoon and rain, still adhere to the post; as long as there are places, Black Catwalks will go! This is a black catka home will be determined to become a public device, good social citizenship mission.

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