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More information:Hangzhou Tianbao International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (TB-EX) was established in 2005 as an excellent cross-border logistics integration expert in the Yangtze River Delta region. The company's territory is located in Hangzhou and Yiwu, (Preparation), Shanghai (to build), and other places set up branch offices in Ningbo, Shaoxing, Nanjing (preparation), Suzhou (preparation). TB-EX was established at the beginning, focusing on the operation of the European green, green operation and international logistics-related aspects of the accumulated rich experience for the development of the company has laid a solid foundation. With the four major international express brand in the domestic influence of the gradual expansion, since 2008, TB-EX open up the four major international express brand agency channels, and constantly improve. As a traditional foreign trade, cross-border business and peer logistics partners, TB-EX head office and the integration of various branch operations, adhering to the principle of sharing resources, cooperation and win-win for all partners to provide professional and efficient door to door International express and port to Hong Kong international air transport services. TB-EX has international freight forwarders operating qualifications, customs qualifications and many other qualifications to ensure sustained and stable operation, and to meet customer and market demand, and constantly develop a variety of international logistics and transport channels. TB-EX to adapt to market development, improve the strategic layout, since 2014 and the full development and promotion of the United States, the European region FBA Jincang channels and prices, and is committed to becoming the FBA first-class operator excellence. The United States, Germany, the preparation of overseas warehouses, marking the TB-EX has taken the first step toward the world. DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS four international express brand, as well as EMS, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other international green; export air services include: CA China (Tianjin) International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (TB-EX) International Airlines, MU China Eastern Airlines, CZ China Southern Airlines, SQ Singapore Airlines, KL Royal Dutch Airlines, QR Qatar Airways, UA United Airlines, SA South African Airways, PL Peru Airlines and other international airlines.

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