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More information:The fee-paying business was founded in 1888 by Albert Toll in Newcastle, Australia, when he began pulling coal with horses and carts. From these modest beginnings, a transportation company was set up. By 1958, when he died at the age of 95, Albert operated a fleet of trucks in five places. Albert charges Albert founded the business in 1959 by the National Mining Company to buy the Toll family left the hands. Over the next decade, it became part of the mining group Peko Wallsend, which used the Toll business for its entire operations. In the Peko Wallsend, Toll development into the national airline. The company was later renamed Toll-Chadwick, as its new owners sought to consolidate their operations and expand into containerized shipping. By the mid-1980s, Toll-Chadwick had developed into one of Australia's largest transport operations outside the capital.

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