Name of logistics: Taiwan-day victory
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More information:Tian Sheng International Limited franchise: international courier services, cross-strait three professional logistics, land and sea air cargo contract, the international express, sea and air transport, import and export declarations, to provide professional, comprehensive logistics services. Tian Sheng International Limited's management team, all of the industry 20 to 30 years of senior professionals, to provide comprehensive and customer-oriented services. Tian Sheng International Co., Ltd. Yikeweizun, the first service as a company's service purposes, on this basis, so that customers commissioned by the rapid and safe delivery of goods to create the best interests of customers as a priority, to become the best logistics helper customers, Followed by the pursuit of a professional and perfect international logistics services team. Tian Sheng International Co., Ltd. uphold your support and patronage, we will continue to innovate and provide a complete international logistics logistics services, in the pursuit of high efficiency, high-quality delivery services, we will always be careful, dedicated service attitude, To cherish every time you give us the opportunity to serve. Tian Sheng International Co., Ltd. will continue to provide the new transport services, increase the service base to meet the transport needs of all walks of life to create "goods flow" the best interests of the professional team to create high-quality, high-quality international logistics Operational Services.

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