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More information:Excellent speed Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shanghai Qingpu, is a nationwide courier service to provide the scale of courier companies. Which lasted six years of development, excellent speed to become China's express delivery industry, "dark horse", and continued to maintain a good momentum of development. At present, excellent speed has been established in the country more than 80 distribution centers, with nearly 4,000 business outlets, more than 60,000 employees, transport, delivery vehicles million units. Focus on the "big package", superior speed to adhere to a different development path, mainly located in the provision of 2kg-100kg large parcel delivery door to door service. It is also under the guidance of this market strategy, Foxconn, Haier, Huawei and a large number of internationally renowned enterprises have become excellent strategic partner. Excellent speed is the rapid pace of development, toward the first group of Chinese express forward. "All the way to care by the care" is the excellent speed of the core concept of service delivery. In recent years, excellent speed with professional courier service, a good brand precipitation, repeated access to the Ministry of Transport, State Post Bureau, local governments and other higher-level units in charge of recognition. Excellent speed in the rapid rise and development at the same time, always do not forget a corporate social responsibility and obligations, take the initiative to return to society. In recent years, excellent speed express actively committed to the "free lunch", "care for anti-Japanese veterans" and other public projects, many donations, good things, in order to carry forward the social positive energy to make due. In the future development, excellent speed express will improve diversified training system, reform and innovation, in the "standardization, specialization, standardization, refinement, ecological" direction, to enhance service quality, quality-driven speed Development, determined to become a "rapid pace of development, service levels significantly, competitive," the outstanding national express delivery brand enterprises!

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