Name of logistics: Courier delivery
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telephone number: 1-718-889-1717

More information:United Express Services (UCS) was established in 2006 as the sole agent of China EMS in the United States. Since its inception, UCS has specialized in international e-commerce solutions through front-end user-facing platforms or back-end systems integration for merchants, enabling online retailers to extend their market reach worldwide. We started our business to provide door-to-door parcel services for individuals from metropolitan areas to individuals from the US to China. In 2009, launched YOUJIA (, so that Chinese users in any US e-retailer shopping. Packets from the online store are forwarded to our end users in China before being shipped to our US warehouse in YOUJIA. In addition to the indirect shipping services provided by YOUJIA, UCS also provides global logistics solutions for US e-commerce to ship B-to-C directly to China. UCS's back-end systems are fully integrated with China's EMS and China Customs. Shipping status can be tracked 24 hours a day on the EMS website, and the customs declaration / clearance process takes place in an electronic and seamless manner. Our in-house IT team works with the e-commerce team to create a fully automated solution for bid redemption.

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