Name of logistics: UNITEDWWC
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telephone number:+91-11-46122222

More information:Since 1994, the United Nations Global Express has gained a respectable position, particularly in the United States of America and the European sector to provide excellent service. In today's networked economy, Unitech is uniquely positioned to harness the power of the web to help our customers connect to the high-tech, high-speed global markets. Our offices are located in more than 1,500 cities around the world. At United Worldwide, we believe it's best not only to give the customer what he expects, but to let him outdo his expectations. That's why in the US, we are continually strengthening our efforts to ensure that services are delivered and delivered as quickly as possible at the destination. The team of professionals work 24 hours a day, organizing and coordinating between our clients and their clients, providing a special personal feeling to build a fruitful relationship. It is this personalized service that separates us from others.

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