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More information:Founded in 2000, US Express is a USC Group Inc business brand. Founded in 2000 in Fremont, California, American Express is a multi-disciplinary, cross-border, and cross-border logistics company. American Express member platform by the Guangzhou City Network Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for operating. USC Group Inc business covers: Sino-US goods procurement, warehousing, packaging, transport, logistics and distribution, air and sea freight forwarders, air express and so on. In order to more directly for the Chinese Americans and online shopping to provide comprehensive cross-border logistics services, in 2004 began to export the form of the United States, direct services to Chinese customers. By 2015, the United States in the United States of America Express Cargo Center throughout the country, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Boston, New York, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Delaware and other 10 large cargo hub, and in Other cities and FedEx implementation of strategic cooperation, the implementation of the United States and Lanhuo delivery of goods. US Express Asia Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong, responsible for China and Asian operations, the Hong Kong Cargo Center is responsible for local business in Hong Kong, while the United States and the rest of the world's goods re-export business. US Express set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in China, responsible for China's market development and after-sales service, while responsible for the United States Express investment in the establishment of IT technical team, the United States Express IT technical team, after 10 years of efforts to create the US industry Strong, set the international express delivery, warehousing logistics, online shopping transfer as one of the large site operating platform, and in accordance with market and customer needs, and constantly improve and perfect.

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