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More information:Guangdong Xinbang Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinbang Logistics") was founded in June 18, 2003, is the national AAAAA level integrated logistics enterprises, in 2014 won the "top ten enterprises in Guangdong Province" honor. Since 2005 entered the road express market since the annual growth of more than 30%, at present, the country has more than 600 outlets, more than 8,000 employees, owned more than 600 vehicles, the whole more than 10 million units of transport resources, logistics More than 500 sets of equipment, warehouses, distribution of more than 600,000 square meters of space, the handling capacity of 4,500 tons. The network covers 248 cities at or above Grade 2 and 725 cities above Grade III, covering more than 95% of the cities above the county level. It provides warehousing and distribution solutions for more than 1.6 million customers every year. The new state logistics with independent intellectual property rights of the logistics information system, the system has transportation management, vehicle management, customer information interactive platform, online tracking and other functions, to achieve the automatic loading, electronic distribution, the company to customers and customers to the company data Two-way real-time update and exchange, to meet the 24-hour uninterrupted information service. The use of PDA bar code scanning technology for all inbound and outbound cargo electronic data management, associated GPS global positioning system for transport vehicles 24 hours tracking, goods in transit information in control, leading the logistics industry information process

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